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Pixel Ink Creative Group

Pixel Ink got its start in 2013 as the creative group for a local publishing company assigned to handle digital design needs for an evolving customer base.

The first hints of what Pixel Ink Agency is today came in the late 1990s and 2000s when local newspapers were competing against the Internet for eyeballs. Internal efforts ramped up quickly to build robust local news websites with more content, better navigation, and feature advertising placements to meet growing customer demands.

As more local advertisers were finding success promoting their businesses on the local new sites, the need for professional website development emerged. While the market was saturated with specialty agencies, our early groups found local advertisers often disappointed with the service and quality of work they were receiving.

This prompted the shift of our design professionals from print-centric work to digital design.  At the same time, programmers and developers were added to the team — signaling the birth of a dedicated digital design team.

Adams Publishing Group

The Minneapolis-based Adams’ acquisition of newspaper groups throughout the Midwest and other regions in the United States, gave Pixel Ink the unique opportunity to create synergies, scalability, and leverage digital competencies unlike no other media group.

The strength of our local relationships and decades of understanding of our markets gives Pixel Ink significant advantage over our competitors.

Access to 100s of technology partners and other strategic entities as well as other Adams’ affiliate media companies puts Pixel Ink at the front line of technological advances and innovations in digital marketing.

Pixel Ink operates with full autonomy making it nimble and adaptable to fast-changing technologies and customer needs. Yet it has the backing of a large family-owned news organization dedicated to serving its consumer and business customers.

Pixel Ink Agency

Today, Pixel Ink Agency is the digital marketing and services agency for Adams Publishing Group (APG), providing end-to-end digital marketing solutions for its direct business clients and agency partners locally, regionally, and nationally.

Pixel Ink believes today’s businesses are looking for more than tools and solutions. They are looking for confidence and understanding in strategies that translate to tangible results.

From inception, our goal has been to help our customers succeed. Technology has exploded in thousands of directions. There are more tools and products available than ever before. Trying to make sense of what’s out there can be overwhelming– Pixel Ink has the experience with business and technology to educate you and set the best strategy from the start.

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