Case Study 3

Professional Ballet Company

Programmatic Display and Email Marketing


A professional ballet company based outside a large metro martket was finding traditional marketing tactics to be too costly in reaching a highly specific customer base. They had been trying a number of email services with better, but not great succcess. It had been nearly a decade since their events were selling out. They wanted their Holiday Program to sell out.


Pixel Ink used its combination of first party and third party email data to establish a list of the most likely market to attend live ballet events. We layered email message with targeted display campaign in a fairly tight geogrpaphic area. We ran two emails and a month long campaign online promoting the Holiday Program.


When we presented the final results of the campaign that ran right up to opening night, we were delighted to hear that there were people in the lobby opening weekend with signs looking for tickets. The event sold out.

We’ve since optimized the targeting based on other events and have established a model program for reaching this very specific demographic group for 30 days prior to events.

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