Case Study 4

Rural Funeral Home

Programmatic Advertising and Local Display Advertising


A rural funeral home was looking to build business by expanding the geographic reach of its messaging. The two segments for business growth were Cremation Services and Funeral Pre-Planning Services.


Pixel Ink realized this strategy required different tactics. Pre-planning your own funeral services is a decision on a longer buying cycle than finding a need for Cremation. We approached the challenges independently and identified the use of online display advertising to be ideal for the longer cycle Pre-Planning while purchasing search results was the immediate marketing required for Cremation.


After analyzing the expected performance of search marketing against costs, we eliminated this challenge. There was no method to reach a Cremation audience that generated a positive return on the investment for this market.

The Pre-Planning services were an ideal fit for both our local newpaper’s wide reach along with a highly targeted program. It took a couple weeks to identify and start reaching the proper audience. We discovered the best leads for our Funeral Home to be individuals currently seeking out and visiting Financial Planning offices.  After consulting with Financial Planners, our markets were very receptive to messages discussing Pre-Planning arrangements. While CTRs were very good, the true success was our customer receiving more calls and visits than ever before.

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