Case Study 5

Rural Start-up Manufacturer

Programmatic Targeting


A new manufacturer of CPG products was looking to reach a wide geography in the Midwest. The goal was to establish distributors for their products to help grow the business.


Pixel Ink realized the challenge of needing to reach a very large geography with limited initial funds. We broke the large geography down into the best locations for distributors to take on the product line. We focused spend for our Programmatic Targeting in these smaller pockets. We would be able to easily adjust and shift geographic regions as the company grew.


The first month of the campaign saw average performance with a 0.10% CTR. This customer was the first to receive our new algorithms and mix of first and third party data targeting. We immediately jumped to a 0.21% CTR in month two. By the third month and beyond, we were regularly achieving conversion rate of 0.30% and above. The campaign was put on hold due to a lack of inventory. The manufacturer sold out.

We are currently working to craft an audience for a new product line as the facilities are expanded to handle larger volume.


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