Case Study 6

Major Healthcare Provider

People-based Programmatic Targeting


Our client was looking to promote brand awareness and achieve overall lift in its various health segments as well as increase attendance to its health-related events, symposiums, and workshops.


Pixel Ink deployed a multi-layered, people-based programmatic strategy through multiple campaigns to meet the needs of its client’s 3-region geographic scope.

The strategy included the use of sophisticated data to find audiences specifically in market for each health segment along with robust keyword targeting.

Geo-fencing and proximity targeting augmented the strategy to drive attendance for events and location-based activities.


Client reports 5% lift in services year over year and sizeable increases in attendance for its events and programs.

This client runs 15-20 multiple branding campaigns per month over several regions with CTR’s performing at 0.15%-0.25%. Event-driven campaigns perform at even higher CTR’s.

Pixel Ink has been working with this major health care provider for 7+ years. We are a trusted steward of their brand and have earned their confidence in our ability to deliver results.


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